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Steps towards selecting the right Conveyor System??

Selection criteria of conveyor

How to select the right conveyor systems

Selection of Conveyor Systems is in itself a big question n mark – How to start with? where to begin. Selecting the right conveyors and automation is really a daunting task. The first and foremost task, to know your product profile
In the market, there are several types of conveyors to be found. There are customized conveyors designed for a specific use, as well as, other for general purposes. The profile and mix of products you want to convey dictates the type of conveyor needed. To come up with the right decision, you must clearly know the product or package specifications which include.

Selection criteria of conveyor

•Specification regarding the exact size of the product. It’s minimum and maximum (L x B x H) and in the case of circular objects, its diameter.

•Weight of products – Minimum and Maximum.

•Flow of product on conveyor – How many products per minute need to flow on the Conveyor System? This may be calculated on the basis of your requirement throughout a day, per hour, or per shift, etc.

•Preferred working height of Conveyor system – whether it is to be attached to any existing process, table, conveyors, or machines.

•What is the purpose? – To transport products from one end to another or is it needed for more complex operations. Will this be a standalone conveyor system or will it be a part of an integrated solution attached to other processes?

Thoroughly, know the product or the packaging material that is to be conveyed. Unless the type of packaging or raw product that is to be conveyed has a major implication on the types of solution. As there are various products to be packaged, outbound shipping, internal processes, etc. every product has to be packaged, whether boxes, bags, or mixed bags and boxes.
•Boxes only – The best option is the Roller Conveyors or Belt Conveyors, for boxes, which, generally, works in a fine manner. The weight and size are needed, which will decide, if roller, belt over the roller, or slider belt conveyor.

•Bags – In the case of bags the avoid roller conveyor. The bags may contain a mixed product and may not flow smoothly.

•Mixed boxes and bags – Generally a belt or belt over roller conveyor will be comfortable in this case to handle.

Know your next bottleneck

Nowadays, Conveyors are certainly solving various problems from basic transportation of ready products or the raw material to be required for production, merging several lines of production with a single flow. Conveyors are transforming an operation from manual to an automated work of art.
During the designing phase (whether, be it a simple or complex process/system), it is certainly a good idea to review the processes downstream to anticipate any new bottlenecks that may be created.

Generally, the errors cannot be judged before the operation starts, as Often times productivity increases dramatically and an additional solution may be required for processes such as scanning, weighing, dimensioning, taping, etc.

If any of these processes are manual inputs, it can be easily seen that operators are not able to keep up with the new and faster upstream process.

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How to Reducing Cost of Bucket Elevators


How to reduce the cost of bucket elevators

Bucket elevators are in wide use in various industrial productions. It is facilitating operation effectively increasing production, but its wrong usage is adding to the production cost.

To eliminate such unnecessary costs, we should go for the right bucket elevators keeping in mind certain essential points as given below:

Types of bucket elevator

Choosing the right type, suitable for your product. Type of buckets, whether driven by chains or belts. The specific model should be bought to avoid waste of space of work.

Best quality bucket elevator

Buy good quality bucket elevators, which may be a little expensive but later you won’t have to repent for it. Bucket elevator should be equipped with standard parts of a standard company also see that the right material is used to manufacture the elevator. This measure is first and foremost as it avoids unnecessary movement of machines for repairs and regular maintenance.

High efficient bucket elevators

Bucket elevator with the right efficiency. Ensure the load a machine can convey at a time, at what intervals, whether automatic or manual. Type of product to be conveyed etc. as per your requirement.

Best after-sales and service

Good after-sales services, buying bucket elevators from the company, who provides good after-sales services keeping the user’s interest in mind.

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Bucket Elevator installation guide

The bucket elevator is in great usage, its task is to handle bulk material and elevate vertically. They are more popular and are an important accessory of oil mill machinery. Bucket elevators are used in various industries, irrespective of whether the material to be elevated is a free flow of material with poor flow liquid consistency. Its main effort is to elevate the material to vertical height. This needs a little planning to increase its efficiency and help run for long, uninterrupted. Its task is to handle bulk material and elevate vertically. Bucket elevators are more popular and are an important accessory of the oil mill machinery. They elevate, irrespective of, whether, it may be the free flow material or material with poor flow characteristics.

Bucket elevator installation procedure

  • The bucket elevator requires a level surface to be mounted on of strong concrete, The establishment ought to be flat, secure enough to offer help to the introduced bucket elevator to accomplish vertical necessities. The Middle and upper packaging part of a higher tallness bucket elevator ought to be associated and upheld well with the adjoining building or any strong construction to give it strength.
  •  Things to be kept in mind, firstly, install the lower section and fix it with an anchor bolt, then install the middle casing and upper casing. After completion of the installation, the vertical height has to be adjusted and corrected accordingly, where the upper and lower shaft should be parallel to each other, and shafts should be in the same plane.
  • While installing the bucket elevator with a lower height, the upper, middle, and lower casing can be fixed well on the ground, and then hanging the complete set vertically and fix it on the concrete
  • Secondly, after the completion of the installation of the casing, install the chain and buckets. Use the U Shaped Screw as the connector to connect the buckets as it is not only a chain connector but also a fixture of buckets. U- Shaped Screw nuts must be tightened and locked, then an adjustment is to be done in order to give it a proper tension.
  • Thirdly, an appropriate amount of oil or grease is to be applied to the gearbox and bearing, accordingly. The reducer should be lubricated with industrial gear oil, whereas the bearing seat can be lubricated with calcium or sodium base grease.

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