Belt Conveyors

Various Types Belt Conveyor Manufacturer


Slider Bed Belt Conveyor
Advantages and benefits that make a big difference in durability and performance are built into each facet of Neo Conveyors make conveyor components. Neo conveyors Slider Bed Belt Conveyor suitable to transport a wide variety of product shapes and sizes on horizontal surface applications as well as in incline and decline applications. They are capable of handling a vast range of products in different weights.
Neo’s Slider Bed Belt Conveyors are in robust structure and energy saving unit. When equipped with an end drive, the conveyor is used in a one-way mode of transportation. However, when equipped with a center drive, the conveyor is capable of being reversible. This type of conveyor is often used for assembly line operations, sorting, trash handling, inspection or packing operations.

Roller Bed Belt Conveyor
Use of roller bed under the belt instead of the formed metal bed, there is less resistance between the belt and the conveyor bed. Roller Bed Belt Conveyor make it easy to transport a wide variety in shapes and sizes, up to 100Kg per meter to specified destination points in horizontal surface applications as well as in incline and decline This allows for the conveyors to have longer runs or to convey heavier loads while using the same size motor. Center driven conveyor is capable of being reversible. built-in box channel design for safety and appearance, and are available in multiple widths to meet your requirements.

Inclined belt conveyors
Inclined belt conveyors are based on the slider bed conveyor, Depend on the size of the product and the height of the flight inclined belt conveyors designed. Cleared belts are used to convey product at Higher angles.

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