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Economical and Efficient way to move materials

Whether you are a manufacturer or dealing in logistics, then you are sure to have movement of material or things around. You need a movement with time, so you require conveyors to move and handle. Conveyors are proving themselves, whether moving items from machines on the production line to be packaged, sorting or storing products, moving of ready dispatched material efficiently involving less handling.

 Belt Conveyor systems manufacturer

Neo Conveyors, are being tried and tested, by our various users (precious customers). Belt conveyor systems have proved themselves, as one trusted way. These can be small and simple or can range from small to large, simple installations to complex customized systems integrated into the production line, which can sort and divert items automatically, under computer commands.

Belts are versatile, reliable and they’re suitable for moving items along the flat or transfer them to a different level of heights. This technology has a wide history. The Belt Conveyors very much appeared in the late 19th century and were, generally seen carrying coal and ore out of mines.

Assembly line conveyor

After Henry Ford, installed an assembly line Conveyor in 1913 in his Michigan Factory, in few decades the Belt Conveyors gained popularity. Its uses in all sorts of diverse applications make Belt Conveyors versatile and efficient. Today you’ll find them used in a wide selection of roles and industries, from food production, assembly lines, and packaging applications.

A belt conveyor comprises a series of rollers – usually driven by an electric motor – with a continuous covering. This cover (the belt) can be fabric or heavy-duty rubber-type material, chains or buckets, food-safe belts, which are specifically designed in order for quick removal for cleaning and with minimal gaps to prevent material from being trapped.

Stainless steel frames and panels are also used to ensure hygienic operation, straightforward cleaning, and maintenance operations.

Advantages of conveyor

Its popularity proves it is truly a great advantage to manufactures or dealing in logistics. The Belt Conveyors obviously reduce handling as the items are carried from one stage of production to the next smoothly and with no operator input.

There is the maintenance of speed, which ensures effective and smooth running and movement of products. There is less opportunity for products to be damaged or mislaid along the way. Installation of a conveyor can be cost-effective and lead to more efficient production. Laborer costs can also be controlled. The study shows companies can save up to 40% on Production costs by using a customize Belt Conveyor.

 Inspection Conveyor manufacturer India

A professional supplier like Neo Conveyors can prove to be a great help. They can help design an inspection conveyor manufacturer, according to your specific needs. Neo will work with you to find the most effective solution to your business and build you the ideal conveyor system.

The latest 3D design techniques allow the creation of a digital prototype so that you can visualize the installation and test the workflows before any construction work takes place. This ensures that the system will fit around any existing machinery and processes so that when you do give the go-ahead the whole job runs as smoothly as possible.
It’s easy to think of any new machinery as a cost on the business and a necessary evil on the road to your goal.

But a belt conveyor system really is an investment that can enhance the way you work. In a very short time, it can help streamline your business, but more importantly, it can make a positive contribution to your bottom line.
So, we look forward to having you as one of our ideal investors, who are looking seriously to grow into a huge firm with the effective use of conveyors.

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Belt conveyor system safety devices and precautions

conveyor safety system manufacturers

Generally tough solid and trustworthy scope of safety switches, conveyor safety switches, electronic switches, and electronic conveyor switches, and so forth. An absolute necessity for each conveyor and material taking care of plants. A large number of switches are being used at concrete, compost, steel, mining, and force plants. Uncommonly created field mounting nooks with included safety highlights.

Conveyor Safety devises for Material Handling

conveyor safety switches

Safety Switches for conveyor

  • Pull Cord Switch
  •  Belt Sway Switch
  •  Heavy Duty Limit Switch
  •  Zero Speed Switch / Electronic Speed Switch
  •  Electronic Speed Switch with Extension Stand
  •  Pull Cord Wire

Manpower Safety Precautions

Protect your representatives in the work environment. Conveyors are extremely useful in moving material and supplies inside an office. Nonetheless, they are a typical reason for injury in a plant. We’ve accumulated this rundown of security rehearses that will help guard you and your colleagues.

1. Try not to sit, stand, or stroll on conveyors

• Conveyors are never intended to be involved by an individual.
• Conveyors have numerous highlights, including squeeze focuses that can find garments or individuals and cause genuine wounds.
• A appendage stuck when there’s no other option point can be seriously harmed or even removed.
• Industrial conveyors are not intended for individuals so you ought to never ride on conveyors.

2. Ensure conveyor controls are working accurately

• Controls that don’t work appropriately can cause difficult issues.
• Inspect your conveyor controls to ensure no representative has abused, adjusted, or disengaged them.
• Controls ought to be anything but difficult to peruse and use, just as effectively open.
• Place crisis stops in profoundly noticeable and open areas.

3. Keep hair, apparel, adornments, and other free things away

Conveyors can get free garments or long hair, bringing about serious wounds.
• Make sure long hair is tied back or tucked under a top.
• Don’t wear armbands, rings, watches, or other gems.
• Avoid wearing loose attire; evacuate ties or fold them into your shirt.

4. Watch that all conveyor monitors are set up

• Don’t work a conveyor if monitors are not safely mounted.
• Conveyors contain gears, chains, belts, and other moving parts that can be unsafe whenever uncovered.
• Employees ought not to have the option to sidestep, evacuate, or modify conveyor watches.
• Guard openings ought to be sufficiently little to shield laborers from entering peril zones.

5. Be vigilant of squeeze focuses

Conveyors are loaded up with squeeze focuses on their very nature.
• Conveyors contain gears, chains, belts, and other moving parts that can be perilous whenever uncovered.
• Employees ought not to have the option to sidestep, evacuate, or modify conveyor monitors.
• Guard openings ought to be sufficiently little to shield laborers from entering threat zones.

6. Follow lock-out/tag-out strategies

• Failure to do so opens representatives to dangerous wounds.
• Secure conveyor frameworks before upkeep or fix by following legitimate lock-out/tag-out methodology.
• Lock-out/tag-out techniques keep hardware from being controlled up while upkeep or fixes are being finished.
• Conveyor administrators must be appropriately prepared to perform lock-out/tag-out methodology.

7. Permit just approved workforce to work or keep up the conveyor

• This guarantees specialist wellbeing and ideal conveyor execution. Material taking care of hardware can be risky to individuals who don’t see how to securely chip away at it.
• When something should be fixed, contact your prepared upkeep individual.
• Only those workers who are prepared to work and perform upkeep on conveyors ought to do as such.

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