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Bucket Elevators Different Type of Material Discharging

Neo Conveyors manufacturer bucket elevators with belt type , ring chain type and plate chain type which is mainly suitable for handling of feed mills, flour mills, rice mills, oil, starch factory, grain depot, port terminals and other bulk materials.

Different discharge methods of bucket elevators are centrifugal type bucket elevator, gravity type bucket elevator and hybrid type bucket elevator. Details as below:

  1. Centrifugal Type: Materials are discharge by using centrifugal force to throw the material away from discharging outlet. It is suitable for dry with fast lifting speed and small particle.
  2. Gravity Type: Materials are discharge by and suitable for material which is large and fragile.
  3. Hybrid type: Materials are discharge by using centrifugal force and gravity force , which is suitable for material with poor fluidity and big humidity .














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