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Bucket Conveyor and it benefits

In today’s world, the latest technologies are applied in all walks of life, and this goes with the usage of bucket conveyors, also. They are number of buckets connected with each other on to a belt. They are chain driven as well as Belt driven.  They are available in different sizes, shapes and types, as per the material required to be moved, vertically. They are more popular in oil mills, mining industries, construction areas etc.

Its simplicity, has made it, really popular, in various industries, specifically in bulk material handling and in processing applications. The Bucket elevators are serving effectively,  to move both heavy and light material with ease and accuracy. The Bucket Elevators are successfully elevating, the most free flowing material, as well as material with poor flow characteristics, flowing bulk solids or powders etc.  The process of raising and lowering of material is done with the help of mechanical and hydraulic power. The buckets conveyors benefits to deal with any type of material, strong elevation, durability less power consumption,  easy transportation, lifting even in the highest location,  capacity, smooth and steady functioning etc. has proved it beneficial. The bucket elevators are trusted machines, which are economical, serves for long period of time, reduces labour cost, no interruption in transportation, all thes have made it popular and beneficial.

Keeping in mind, Neo Conveyors, are designing, such Bucket Conveyor, by giving proper shape and specific design to it. Buckets are accordingly, attached with required capacity and the speed is maintained to elevate it.. Each conveyor is unique in its own capacity  so it is specifically designed to work satisfactorily. Neo Continuous Bucket Elevators, are designed to handle products without material deterioration,  the product move undisturbed until it is discharged.

Economical and safely materials handling by Incline Conveyors

Incline Conveyors, like any other conveyor, serves the purpose of movement of material. They are used as independent units to move material from one level to another, provided used with gravity conveyor, for continuous flow of material from one floor to another.  They are designed for permanent installation by using pre-designed sections.

The material can be moved forward as well as backward, in both directions. The reverse direction require, help of centre drive. Incline Conveyors, requires support at the top and bottom. Maximum recommended incline is 25º.  As they are inclined, rough Top belt is used at the top.

In Incline Conveyor, the standard sections are combined to make any length required. They are normally equipped with NOSEOVER at the upper end, which enables the conveyed product to level off to horizontal position before being discharged.  This is highly desirable for cartons carrying breakables. The noseover eliminates a dropping action by the front of the carton when it reaches the top. Generally, the carton should not exceed the overall width of conveyor, but if it is wider it should have flat bottom.

Neo Conveyors, keep in mind certain facts and factors, before they go for incline conveyors. They believe in satisfaction of their customers, alongwith, the requirement and logical facts, such as :

The kind of material to be moved

Angle of incline required

Belt to be used to give perfect running

Whether, it is a short or long load, as short ones are more vulnerable to toppling.

The closer the rollers, the smoother is ride for each load, avoiding bobbling and rocking, with the help of slider bed.

Right guidance and sorting the needs to be fulfilled.

MAXIMUM INCLINES AND DECLINES: The maximum angle of incline or decline of a belt conveyor is function of:

1. Type of Belt being used.
2. The condition of the load. Angles of 35 degrees to 45 degrees are possible.  This is possible by using of cleated belt.