Trough Belt conveyor

Neo Trough Belt Conveyors, are specially designed to leverage the open frame and trough effect of the rubber belt to fully contain the load of materials. Trough belt conveyors are widely used in various industries. It has become efficient means of moving bulk materials because they are manufactured to convey high tonnage of materials and requires very little maintenance.
Neo Conveyors manufactures Trough Belt Conveyors specifically designed for your industry. Trough Belt Conveyors, have become ideal choice for transporting municipal waste water treatment bio-solids, lime sludge, sludge, grit or screenings. Neo Conveyors are utilized to transport not only cement, sand, limestone, coal, wood chips, ores, gypsum, fertilizers, chemicals, but, also food products and a wide range of other materials. Trough Conveyors advantages :
To convey high tonnage of materials.
Handle gradual inclines.
Conveying material horizontally up to 28° incline.
Require less maintenance.

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