Drag Chain Conveyors

Drag chain conveyor manufacturers

Neo conveyors, Drag chain conveyor manufacturers since 2007. Drag chain conveyors are a great complement to screw conveyors and belt conveyors and a requirement of many bulk material handling applications. Drag conveyors can be used to meter or transfer bulk materials from one process to another. The compact and versatile design allows drag conveyors to fit almost any plant layout.

  drag chain conveyor features 

  •  Heavy-duty construction: Drag chain conveyors casings are manufactured by heavy gauge steel plates for rigidity and long life. All the flange connections are sealed and leakproof.
  • Forged Steel Chain: chains are made by drop forged method and special alloys materials and hardened for extended life and minimizing wear.
  • Sprockets: The sprockets are specially designed, fabricated from carbon steel for longer service.
  • Heavy-duty flights: The flights/materials are used as per the requirement of applications and are generally bolt-on type for ease of replacement.
  • The adjustable tail end takes up: useful for internal tension of chain and flights; compensates for normal wear and elongation of the chain, and also facilitates replacement of chain.
  • Inspection door: Provided at all easy access locations for regular inspection. They are fully gasketed for dustproof construction of Drag Conveyors

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