An Auger Conveyor is the ideal way to move the raw materials from one working area  to the another.  If used commercially, the Auger Conveyors are efficient.  There are various reasons, which may lead to spoiling and malfunctioning. The problem arise due to  :

Dust :

As we all face and suffer from dust. Same may lead to serious hazardous condition in work place, for employees as well as for conveyors, where it is caused  due to the movement of powders or finely  ground materials.  In such conditions, here it is required to use the suitable seals and gaskets, which must be highly compressed,  alongwith the flanged covers, which provide additional protection from dust. Here average seals may fail.

Abrasive Material  :  In industries, where cement, sand, concrete etc, are required to be moved or say abrasive material is moved, it may lead to the wear and tear of  Auger conveyor.  Here, highly carbon abrasive resistant steel alloy or nickel based alloy alongwith chromium and molybdenum prove successful. They increase the resistant power to deal with corrosion and abrasion. The use of coated shafts and troughs also  helps fight abrasion, increasing hardness. This will help increasing life expectancy and reduce maintenance problems, arising due to them.

Clogging of auger conveyors : 

Another factor, which leads to a serious problem is ‘clogging’. It arises, where sticky or wet material is required to be moved.  In such cases, it is better to add a mild heat to the auger for easy and better movement of material.  In such cases, where heat is required should be constructed of stainless. Another way is to go for shaft-less screw conveyors to prevent clogging. Cheese is one of the material that slides much easily through a heated auger system.

Use of Original application : It is best to use originally designed Auger Conveyors, because this may add to less down time, high productivity, wastage, waste of time, less maintenance etc. It is advised to better go for tailored made auger conveyors, for successful working.



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